The coaching institutes, coaching centres, coaching faculties, teachers, tutors, tuition teachers, tuition centres and educational entrepreneurs should focus on quality of teaching rather than wasting time in developing study material. As developing study material takes too much of time. It is a continuous process that takes minimum two to three years to get ready a basic minimum framework of study material. Once the basic minimum framework of study material is ready, next stage is enrichment of study material to enhance the quality of study material. Finally, the updation of study material needs to be done every year. Hence, its obvious not to waste your valuable time in developing study material when it is already available in white-label, editable, printable formats qualitatively and at low costs.

For the sake of helping the Teachers, Tutors, tuition centres, coaching centres and Coaching Faculties, the editable pagemaker version of the study package is given along with the reader friendly PDF version of the study package. The study Package is given in the pendrive in such a way so that you can conveniently edit the study material contents, modify contents, add contents, delete contents, change contents and print contents of the package as per your requirement.
The coaching institutes, coaching centres, coaching faculties, teachers, tutors, tuition teachers, tuition centres and educational entrepreneurs can use EDUPILOTIS’ study materials for exclusive use of theirs and for their students.

EDUPILOTIS provides Complete Study Material, Study Notes, Study Booklets, Books, Question Bank, Test Series, DPP, worksheets, Tests, Assignments, Study Guides for:
•JEE main, JEE advanced . Engineering Entrance Exams

• NEET. Medical Entrance Exams

• Foundation

• School Exams. CBSE. Board Exams

JEE Question Bank

NEET Question Bank

JEE Test Series

NEET Test Series

Currently, EDUPILOTIS provides editable study material in soft copy only in pendrive and via Google Drive.

EDUPILOTIS is one of the leading content developers, manufactures as well as distributor, re-seller and e-Publishers of study materials, study notes, study guides, study booklets, coaching material, e-books, Flip-books, question bank & test series, New Pattern MCQs, objective question, subjective questions, Daily Practice Papers (DPP), worksheets, exercises, Class Tests, Unit Tests, Chapter assignments, Chapter tests and Mock Tests, Practice Tests with answers, Hints and solutions for JEE main, JEE advanced, Engineering Entrance, Medical Entrance Examinations, CBSE and Foundation. The packages of EDUPILOTIS are not developed by simple content writers but by the IITians, Doctors, Engineers, coaching teachers, coaching faculties and Coaching Experts who have been associated with top Coaching Institutions from across India.

Self Study is the Best Study when you study with the Best Study Material. The contribution of classroom coaching in selection is maximum 20%, rest 80% contribution is due to student’s self study, revision, practice and hard work. EDUPILOTIS constantly strives to improve itself in its endeavours such as ed-tech, educational products, E-learning, online tuition, online coaching, online home tuition, Live classes, Live Tutorials so as to provide you the best study packages and the best education by quality teachers and the best teachers. Therefore, kindly feel free to call us or email us directly with regard to the suggestions, complaints, feedbacks, improvements or quality and quantity of the study packages or about online classes by personal Tuition Tutors at EDUPILOTIS.

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