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‘Education is that which remains, if one has forgotten everything he learned in school. ”

Why EduPilotis ?

Highly Experienced Teachers

Trained & Certified experienced team of facilitators. Most of the Live Teachers also have Home Tuition experience. All the tutors at EDUPILOTIS Online Live Classes have HIGH EXPOSURE.

Strong Educational Background of Teachers

The online teachers at EDUPILOTIS Live Classes portal are trained & Certified by staff from premier institutes of the country like IITs, NITs, AIIMS, KVs, J.N.U., D.U. etc.

Better Presentation & Lecture Delivery

Audio Videos presentations, powerpoint presentations, Images, PDFs, Animations and Youtube videos via virtual whiteboard make the live classes experience far better than the offline home tuition.

1 to 1 Personalised LIVE Classes

Student with full individual attention by the tutor uniquely tailor-made learning needs and pace of learning in the class. Exclusive doubt clearing session with individual attention to every student with alternative study methods for better understanding with competitive aptitude in every chapter.

Comfort & Safety

Best Teachers are available at the comfort of your home, students don't have to go to Delhi or Kota. The Online Tuition Classes with 1 to 1 Live Tutor save student's time, money, transportation costs, lodging & food costs. Secondly, the homesickness, safety & security issues are also addressed by online classes, especially for girl students.

All Boards & Subjects under one roof

Whether its IB/ICSE/CBSE/IGCSE/STATE BOARDS the right pattern and subject aptitude are thought in a right way. Our certified faculties are capable from school level to post graduate level with alternate way of learning at short period of time at your own pace, boosting your performance.

Easy Access to Renowed Faculties

Any renowned expert from any part of the country teaches students at unbelievable best costs.

Anytime Anywhere Learning

You can get the teachers for live tutoring Anytime, Anywhere for live classes based on your availability for online learning.

Traveling Time Saved

Another advantage of studying with teachers on EDUPILOTIS online classes portal is that you don't have to waste your precious time in unnecessary traveling for coaching classes & tuition centers that can be utilized for your studies or play.

No More Stucking in Traffic Congestion

Your studies with teachers via online tuition classes keep you away from tiring traffic, traffic snarls and polluted outdoors. Avoiding outdoor pollution on account of online tuition classes also contributes to long term health benefits.

Energy & Fuel Saved

Live Calsses via EDUPILOTIS platform saves you from unnecessary wastage of fuel. In some ways, you are contributing to saving the environment by saving energy & fuel on account of online learning via Live Classes.

Monitering Live Classes By Parents For Better Feedback

Parents can monitor their child's Online Live Classes at the comfort of their home during the class as well as after the class from class recording.

Dedicated Support Team

There is 24x7 dedicated support staff for any assistance to students, parents, & teachers during the Live Class as well as after the live class is over.

Free Trial Classes

EDUPILOTIS provides a free online live class with a private tuition teacher so that the student can understand the importance of Online Live Classes, Online Home Tuition, Online Coaching & Tutorials for smart learning.

Better Results

Individual attention by private tutor, only one student in Live Class, Best Quality Tuition Teacher, right teaching methodology by online Live tutoring teacher, comfort & convenience of online home tuition and flexibility in online live classes schedule bring better results and success for EDUPILOTIS students.

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