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At EduPilotis, we are dedicated in providing students with a premier complete education of their interest. In order to ensure the smooth progression of coursework and the maintenance of transcripts, our policies and refunds clearly define the respective responsibilities of EduPilotis for our students.

EduPilotis Enrollment Agreement is intended to make our partnership with our families clear, and to set forth some of our policies that govern that partnership. EduPilotis partners with you to provide educational services and support for each of our students. Access to certified teachers, course materials, personalized LMS, course-specific diagnostic assessments, student support services and virtual office hours, administration services, educational support services, parent support services, technical support, and maintenance of student academic records. Full-time students also receive academic services, college counseling services (grades 9-12), college and life planning Seminar courses (grades 9-12), Symposiums with guest speakers, socialization opportunities, special school events, and the opportunity to graduate from our school netwrok. Fee varies from the enrolment into different school of courses.

Full-time Home School students wishing to no longer remain enrolled in any courses with EduPilotis Schools. School may request to withdraw. Withdraws must be requested using the Withdrawal Form, available via the Support Center.

If a withdrawal request is submitted within 30 working days from the first course start date in the enrollment, EDUPILOTIS will retain 20% of the total tuition and any applicable fees. The actual amount of money retained upon withdrawal is dependent upon the initial down payment that was made at the time of enrollment.
If a withdrawal request is submitted 31 working days or more after the first course start date in the enrollment, no refund/credit is available, and any balance owed remains due immediately.
Refunds are available for full time students enrolled in Home School both National & International only. Refunds not available for other schools with Courses & Microcourses.

A student has 30 calendar days from a course’s start date to drop the course. Within this timeframe the course will be removed from the student’s academic record. After this date and until the course’s end date, the course may be dropped and a ‘W’ (for Withdraw) will be listed as the course’s final grade on the student’s academic record. If a course’s end date has passed, the student may not drop the course and the course will be considered Incomplete.

If a student drops from Home School between 1 and 30 days from the earliest course start date in the enrollment, 80% of the tuition cost is refundable and will be applied to any remaining balance due. If the student requests to drop the course 31 calendar days or more after the start date, no refund/credit is available, and any balance owed remains due. Refunds do not apply to other Schools, Courses & Microcourses.

Students may make changes to their courses after their enrollments have started. Changes for full-time students must be approved at the discretion of the Counseling Department. If students want choose to change the type of course their child is taking (e.g. online to textbook), or the subject matter being studied (e.g. chemistry to physics) within the first 30 days of the enrollment period, EDUPILOTIS credits the full cost of the dropped course towards the new course. If the cost of the new course is greater, the difference in tuition is due in full at the time of the change. If the cost of the new course is less, any credit due will be applied to any remaining balance. If a student wants to make a change in course curriculum 31 days or more after the enrollment start date, EDUPILOTIS will apply a prorated credit toward the cost of the new course, based on the time the student was enrolled in the original course. This policy does not apply to other school courses and Microcourses from EDUPILOTIS.

If a student is unable to complete a course by its designated enrollment end date, an extension on the enrollment period may be purchased if the student has completed at least 60% of the course. Extensions are granted based on the discretion of the Student Services Department and may not be approved even if a course meets the 60% minimum. Extensions may also be required for work submitted in bulk near the end of an enrollment to accommodate time for grading and assessment completion. The Student Services Department will examine a student’s progress in all courses to determine the approval for an extension to complete the remaining coursework. Extensions must be purchased within 30 calendar days of the original end date of a course.

EDUPILOTIS Classes bring you the top teachers in the country, individual attention from second teachers, and unlimited access to our interactive learning app. All this combined with the convenience of learning from the comfort and safety of your home makes EDUPILOTIS Classes the best online home tuition program for your child. No need to travel anywhere via transport, No security Threats, No other external threats. All these features are not available in regular tuition classes.

Mentors will be in touch with you regularly to discuss your child’s progress. Monthly PTA meetings will also be conducted and a comprehensive progress report will be shared with you, to help you be a part of their learning journey.

Yes, the trial classes are free. More details about the trial classes will be provided by our counsellor.

Connect with your dedicated Academic Mentor for a detailed discussion about your test performance. He/She will further assist you based on your preference and requirements.

Once you’ve join the course. Our facilitator will update you.

Students from classes 4th to 12th grade of all boards (State, CBSE, IB, IGSCE, ICSE, Open School, Home School),, All Competitive Exams for Premium University, Government Jobs, MNC Placements, Indian & International Vehicle Licences…etc

Unschooling option for innovative & creative students. Age No Bar to enter EDUPILOTIS Schools except full time Home School & Open School criteria.

While attending an online class, your child can ask his/her questions real-time.. Our teacher will instantly assist and solve your child’s doubts.

EDUPILOTIS Classes is a comprehensive online home tuition programme that combines visually engaging classes explaining concepts from expert teachers with instant doubt resolution, individual attention and guidance from second teachers. EDUPILOTIS Classes are mapped to the school syllabus. Additionally, your child can also access engaging video lessons on the EDUPILOTIS app to revise and practice anytime anywhere. Overall, EDUPILOTIS Classes will help your child learn, understand, and master concepts easily

Yes, homework will be provided after every class. Your child can submit their EDUPILOTIS Classes homework on our platform to get the teacher’s feedback. Additionally, your child can also access engaging video lessons and practice tests on EDUPILOTIS app to revise and practice anytime anywhere.

EDUPILOTIS Classes is a comprehensive online tutoring program. It brings together online classes by expert teachers along with immediate doubt resolution option by second teachers. Your child can revise through classes structures for revision and access the resources on the EDUPILOTIS App too. Additionally, EDUPILOTIS Classes offers monthly objective and subjective tests along with comprehensive monthly progress reports.

EDUPILOTIS Classes will help your child learn all concepts from expert teachers. Each online class will also have a tutor, who will help them understand concepts and clear doubts immediately.

The expert teacher is an education expert who will teach concepts in-depth with the aid of powerful visuals – ensuring conceptual clarity. The second teacher will instantly help resolve any doubts the student might have in the ongoing lesson and conduct tests – making learning highly personalized and interactive.

Your child can attend a free trial class to experience EDUPILOTIS Classes first-hand. This is a great way to understand the EDUPILOTIS way of teaching and understand how instant doubt solving works. Our counsellor will help book a trial class for you at your convenience.

Yes, We have multiple batches available for students to select from to suit their study plan as per the school syllabus.

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Our Parents, Teachers & Students love EDUPILOTIS as we believe in triangular formula, that keeps all of us connected happily. The online education system is proving to be a good option in the dearth. We inculcate an option, with the normal from a student’s life.

EDUPILOTIS Mobile App has helped me balance my work and preparation for my competitive exams learning at my own pace


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